Opening Prayers/Prayers of Adoration on Uncertainty

Sermon Illustrations on Uncertainty

Thank you Lord God for the opportunity of worship,

for the freedom to be amongst your family

meeting together in your house,

and in the warmth of your embrace

Thank you that in worship we can put aside,

the uncertainties of this world and rest

upon the certainties of the Kingdom,

for your promises are not changeable

as those of a politician might be,

but immovable and eternal

Thank you that we can bring to your feet

all the hurts and fears that trouble us,

and leave them there,

knowing that your strength and assurance

are all that we require

Thank you that as we draw near in worship,

we are transported

from a world of concerns and fears,

to a place where we can be at peace in your presence,

find healing, wholeness and refreshment.

Thank you Lord God for the opportunity of worship

John Birch, Faith and Worship

Lord Jesus – You’ve come, are coming and will come again. 

Whether we know it or not,  

we live on the edge of Your coming every moment  

of every day either with anticipation or with anxiety.   

As if stumbling along a dark path in a thick forest,  

with only a flashlight at our feet,  

we see so little … while You see everything,  

being Yourself the Light of the World. 

That’s why we put our hands in Yours,  

follow where You lead us and give to You all the people  

and experiences that lay beyond our ability  

to see clearly and our strength to act. 

 Richard Herman