Opening Prayers/Prayers of Adoration on Truth

Sermon Illustrations on Truth

Opening Prayer Inspired by John 4

 We remember the woman at the well –

  her questions, her truth, her witness.

Pour out your Holy Spirit upon us,

  so we too may ask deeply,

  reveal ourselves deeply, and

  share your Good News deeply.

Pour out your Holy Spirit upon us,

  so we may worship you in spirit and truth.


Opening Prayer Inspired by John 4 © 2022 Lisa Ann Moss Degrenia, www.revlisad.com

Inspired by John 14:6

Jesus –  Savior, Friend, and Lord: 

When we’re lost, confused and anxious – You are our Way. 

When we misunderstand – and are misunderstood,  

when we are lied to and lied about,  

and when we lie or believe the lies – You are the Truth

And when we feel drained of vitality,  

or afraid of death and dying –  

You are our Resurrection  and the Life. 

You guide us,  

speak to us the Truth in love  

and You give us hope … always. 

For that we praise You, now and forever. 

And because of that, we come to You 

with all we are and aren’t, 

knowing You’ll help us, and those we care about. 

Richard Herman

(Prayer of Adoration)

Great God our Father:  You are good and You are strong. 

You are faithful and true,  

and You won’t tempt or lie to us. 

 In a world that appeals to our sinful cravings 

and dominated by spin: 

You alone are worthy of our trust, loyalty and love. 

You alone have loved us with such an everlasting love 

as to give Your Son or us. 

You alone never abandon us, living with and within us 

by Your Holy Spirit. 

 (Prayer of Confession)

Yet, we so easily trade Your truth for a lie, 

and substitute our lusts for Your love. 

We blame others for our errors and for our wanton sin. 

We close our eyes to the truth about who we are 

and run from the truth of who You are.  

Forgive us for choosing to love and live for the world: 

by following our own cravings, 

  giving into the lust of our eyes, and 

  boasting of who we are,  

what we’ve done and what we’ve got. 

Hear us as we say, 

in whispers too soft for any one else to hear but You, 

    the sin we’re too ashamed to let anyone else know 

but You who know all about us and love us anyway.  

Hear our silent confessions of sin:  (PAUSE) 

Richard Herman