Opening Prayers/Prayers of Adoration on Time

Image of an hourglass representing time

God—Father, Son and Holy Spirit;  

   God of hope, of new life— 

All our times are in Your hands.  

We thanks and praise You,  

for you are the Lord of our yesterdays, 

our todays and our tomorrows. 

In You, the old is redeemed and 

      everything has become new! 

Knowing that You are good and strong,  

loving, wise and faithful; 

we trust you with all that’s on our hearts today—  

from that which brings us to tears in laughter, 

to that which causes us to weep in sorrow.  

Loving God, we thank You 

for grace you’ve shone to us this week, 

for prayers to which you’ve said “yes” 

and those to which you’ve said, “No—I have a better idea.” 

Jesus—Lord of the church, 

we pray or this congregation: 

May they be anointed with your touch, 

empowered by Your Spirit; and 

formed in Your image 

so everyone may see You in them, 

and through them; 

that as You are lifted higher, 

You can draw all people to Yourself in glory. 

Richard Herman

Holy and Gracious God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  

We give you thanks for the gift of life, 

for the gift of Jesus our Savior, 

for the gift of the Holy Spirit, and 

for the gifts of Word and Sacrament to nourishes our souls. 

Like a potter at the wheel you created us,  

shaping us in secret in the hidden depths.   

You read our inmost thoughts and desires  

and you keep your hand upon us always,  

reshaping us as seems good to you  

whenever we allow ourselves to become  

misshapen, pressed into the world’s mold. 

Lord, lead us through the trials; 

the suffering and sorrow, 

the challenges and struggles, 

the tired times and dark places. 

And use those experiences to make us  

more like Jesus. 

Richard Herman

How can we praise you

In life’s ordinary moments,

bus, car or train,

pedestrian moments,

at home and employment,

with all those distractions.

How can we praise you?

How can we praise you

when time is so precious,

appointments and targets

distracting our focus,

muddying waters,

made clean for your purpose.

How can we praise you?

How can we praise you?

Through all of our actions,

a smile and a greeting,

a shoulder to lean on,

a word in due season,

love and compassion,

in all situations

John Birch, Faith and Worship

God of the Impossible – Father, Son and Holy Spirit: 

There’s nothing too hard for you to do, 

Nothing too complex for You to understand, 

No place we go that You’re not there, 

No sin too heinous that You’ll not forgive, 

And no time when You cease to love Your own.

You amaze us with Your power and creativity; 

You overwhelm us with Your grace and love. 

Thank You! 

Thank You for inviting us to come as we are, not as we aren’t; 

upheld by your compassion and grace 

so we can freely confess to you our sin,  

duplicity and self-absorption. 

In the quiet, Lord, now hear our whispered confessions 

of what we’re too ashamed to say aloud to anyone but You, 

for You know us intimately – and still loves us immensely. 

 Richard Herman