Opening Prayers/Prayers of Adoration on The Future

Sermon Illustrations on the Future

Opening Prayer for Transfiguration Sunday

Radiant Christ,

You are Mystery

You are Holy

You are God

Give us eyes to see you and your glory

Eyes to see your sustaining and saving

Eyes to see your future and your now

Eyes to see and to follow. Amen


Radiant Christ © 2021 by Lisa Ann Moss Degrenia, www.revlisad.com

God of grace, abundance, and joy,  

who pours out your love on us every day: 

When we had no hope – You came as a light in our dark time. 

When we were weak – You came in power to lift us up. 

When we were lost – You showed us the way. 

When we were confused –  

You told us the truth when others lied to us. 

When we were alone –  

You came to give us life, and life abundantly. 

Thank you! 


Because of Your faithfulness in our yesterdays,  

we place our tomorrows in Your good hand. 

Richard Herman