Opening Prayers/Prayers of Adoration on Surprise


Living and present Lord: 

You often surprise us, coming when we least expect it; 

Or. You simply fold back the curtain to show us  

You’ve been there all along 

to give us hope  

and to open our eyes to see You,  

and Your world, in new ways. 

You walk were we walk.   

You feel what we feel. 

Although You love as we are,  

You love us too much to leave us that way. 

Thank You! 

 Richard Herman

Father, Son, Holy Spirit – our God,  

Mysterious, Awe-Inspiring, Wonderful,  


You surprise us 

 not with flashing lights, loud crashing noises, 

 and constant activity.   

You surprise us in stillness and silence, in quiet and peace.  

Forgive us for equating motion, volume and activity  

with significance, truth and what really counts. 

In stillness we come now with our burdens and our worries,  

with our commitments and our dreams,  

with our hopes and fears  

– knowing you alone can do something with them.    

You are good and you are strong,  

you are compassionate and you are sovereign in all things,  

so we trust you. 

Richard Herman