Opening Prayers/Prayers of Adoration on Renewal

Prayers of Confession on Renewal

For the joy of your presence

Changing and renewing us

Day by day,

We offer you our praise.

For the blessing you bring us,

The outpouring of your love

Day by day,

We offer you our praise.

For peace beyond understanding,

Blesséd assurance

Day by day

We offer you our praise.

For the Word that endures,

Teaches and challenges,

Generation to generation,

We offer you our praise.

John Birch, Faith and Worship

God—Father, Son and Holy Spirit;  

   God of hope, of new life— 

All our times are in Your hands.  

We thanks and praise You,  

for you are the Lord of our yesterdays, 

our todays and our tomorrows. 

In You, the old is redeemed and 

      everything has become new!  

Knowing that You are good and strong,  

loving, wise and faithful; 

we trust you with all that’s on our hearts today—  

from that which brings us to tears in laughter, 

to that which causes us to weep in sorrow.  

Loving God, we thank You 

for grace you’ve shone us this week, 

for prayers to which you’ve said “yes” 

and those to which you’ve said, “No—I have a better idea.” 

Richard Herman