Opening Prayers/Prayers of Adoration on Prayer

Sermon Illustrations on the Lord's Prayer

Psalm 8:1-2

God of grace who knows us intimately and wholly; 

Who listens intently and persistently: We praise You. 

You hear the prayers of our lips and our hearts. 

You know our innermost thoughts and intentions. 

And when we can’t pray, you even pray perfectly for us. 

We’re amazed how well you know us and still love us, 

that you want us to know you and want us near you.  

Would that we should be so loving and gracious – with ourselves and others. 


So wanting to be more like you and your Son, Jesus, we come acknowledging our sin, seeking your cleansing and forgiveness, as together we confess our sins saying …    

Richard Herman


 Inspired by Psalm 23

God our Father, 

Lord our Shepherd, 

Spirit of the Living God, 

One in Three … and Three in One: 

We praise You our Creator, Savior, and Provider. 

By Your grace, we lack nothing. 

You feed us in body and in soul. 

You give us rest when we are weary. 

You direct us on ways that are good and right. 

You go with us through the dark times 

so we will not walk them alone. 

You protect us in Your goodness  

with Your strength. 

You spread before us  

a banquet in the wilderness 

and a feast in the face of whoever  

and whatever threatens us. 

You pour over us Your oils  

of cleansing grace, of healing, and of gladness. 

And no matter where we have wandered, 

You open wide Your arms to welcome us home. 

That is why we praise You; 

That is why we love You; 

That is why we are here to worship You today,  

our God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit, 

the One in Three and the Three in One.  AMEN. 

Richard Herman

May those without hope take heart in you, O Christ.

May those with no home find shade at your right hand.

May those near the end see beginnings; may those at the last become first.

At the foot of your cross, O Christ, I come in prayer.

O Christ, be my help. O Christ, be our hope. Amen.”

Pamela C. Hawkins The Awkward Season: Prayers for Lent