Opening Prayers/Prayers of Adoration on Obedience

Sermon Illustrations on Obedience


as we go to our homes and our work this coming week

we ask you to send the Holy Spirit into our lives.

Open our ears- to hear what you are saying to us in the things that happen to us and in the people we meet.

Open our eyes- to see the needs of the people round us.

Open our hands- to do our work well, to help when help is needed.

Open our lips-to tell others the good news of Jesus, and bring comfort, happiness and laughter to other people.

Open our minds-to discover new truth about you and the world.

Open our hearts-to love you and our fellow men [and women] as you have loved us in Jesus.

Caryl Micklem, Ed., Contemporary Prayers for Public Worship, Erdmans Publishing Co, 1973.

(Prayers of Adoration)

Holy, Holy, Holy – Father, Son and Holy Spirit: three times holy: 

We love you – though we struggle to fully comprehend You. 

We follow you – though we don’t know where you might take us. 

We praise you – though we see only glimpses of your glory and wonder.  

We trust you – because You’re worthy of our belief, trust and faith. 

(Prayers of Confession)

Yet, we admit there are times our love, obedience,  

praise and trust leave much to be desired.  

Too often our love’s only a passing feeling and not a lasting action;  

we obey only when it’s convenient;  

our praise is limited to when things are going well  

and our trust is more in ourselves than in you.   

Forgive us, as in the quiet we tell only you  

what we’re too ashamed to say before anyone else.  (silence…

Richard Herman