Opening Prayers/Prayers of Adoration on Logos

Opening Prayers/Prayers of Adoration on the Logos

Father God, 

Out of the darkness You spoke the word: 

“Let there be light, and there was light”. 

Into our darkness You spoke Your Son, 

the Word made flesh to live among us 

the Light of the World to bring us life –  

“and we have beheld His, 

the glory of the one and only Son of the Father, 

full of grace and truth.” 

Richard Herman

Lord of glory and honor –  

You are worthy of our worship and allegiance. 

You are Faithful and True. 

With authentic justice You judge the world, 

and each of us in it. 

You’re the Word of God – made flesh. 

You’re the King of kings and Lord of lords 

who makes all things new. 

Yet, even in the face of such awesome grandeur, 

we treat you as small and insignificant. 

We value things more than you. 

We hold tight to our money and loose to you. 

We trust ourselves –  

our wisdom and strength,  

our abilities and human resources –  

far more than we trust You. 

We’ve made You too small in our eyes  

and made ourselves too big, and so 

turning reality on it’s head. 

Forgive us.  Hear now our silent confessions  

offered up to you in these moments …  AMEN.  

Richard Herman