Opening Prayers/Prayers of Adoration on Laughter

Sermon illustrations on Laughter

(Prayer of Adoration)

Father: You know us and love us from eternity. 

Jesus: You love us enough to die for us  

and be rise again to give us eternal life. 

Spirit: You pour out love to us every day, in every way, in all places. 

We praise and thank you, God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – for: 

Your love is “patient and kind”. 

Your love laughs when we laugh; 

And Your love weeps when we weep. 

Its endurance has no limit.   

Its trust is endless.  And its hope never fades. 

Your love outlasts anything.   

It’s the one thing left standing when all else has fallen. 

That’s how you love us  …  thank you! 

(Prayer of Confession)

But we fail to love like that. 

Our love shifts with each change in the winds of fortune. 

It’s impatient and selfish; 

Given mostly to ourselves, sometimes to others, 

And if there’s any left over – maybe we love you a little, too. 

Richard Herman

Father – God of Joy and Hope; 

Wonderful Lord and Spirit of delight and wonder: 

You invite us to come to you with thanksgiving and joy, 

laughter and quiet awe.  

Your arms of welcome are out wide.   

So we come, not perfect and not even very spiritual –  

just as we are: Yours, spilling our hearts before You.   

 Richard Herman