Opening Prayers/Prayers of Adoration on Incarnation

Calls to Worship on Incarnation

Jesus, Lord—because you took on flesh,  

You know what it’s like to be us. 

You know what keeps us awake at night,  

or yanks us out of sleep in the early morning.  

You know what it’s like to have good days and bad days, too. 

You know the feelings of being physically tired,  

emotionally exhausted and mentally drained. 

We’re grateful for a God who knows what it’s like to be us. 

You know the joys of a newborn child in a family.  

You care about parents who care for their children  

with wisdom, love, grace and faithfulness so that  

one day they’ll turn and follow You.   

Give them what they need to fulfill their calling to love as You love. 

You care about weddings and marriages that follow.   

Bless husbands and wives with your love that bears all things,  

hopes all things, endures all things, that never fails.  

May our homes reflect Your love for us  

and ours for You to all who see them. 

You also know what happens when the wonder fades  

and real life takes its toll on families and marriages— 

when relationships get strained, sometimes to the breaking point,  

when our own strength is not enough,  

when forgiveness and reconciliation is tough.   

Lord—come as the One who specializes in reconciliation,  

in hope and in persistent love.   

Make a way home for those who’ve wandered;  

and an open door when they return. 

Richard Herman

(Prayer of Adoration)

Jesus … Immanuel – our God come in the flesh 

so that we might know You and that You might save us: 

Thankfully, You watch out for us – help us to watch for You. 

Give us eyes to see You on the move, active, alive 

in our world every day, everywhere, all the time. 

Give us ears to hear the whispers of Your Spirit, 

recalling Your Word and guiding our steps each moment. 

Give us wills that are responsive to Your will; 

hands quick to serve, 

feet swift to go where there is a need, 

and a longing to taste and see that You are good. 

(Prayer of Confession)

Forgive us when we live as if You are not real, 

pushing You aside to play god in Your world. 

Forgive our impatience  

when we plunge ahead rather than wait for You. 

Forgive our arrogance when we think we have a better way  

than what You show us in Your Word. 

Forgive our words used to hurt others rather than encourage them. 

Forgive us for loving things too much,  

people too little, and You hardly at all. 

Forgive, also, what we are too embarrassed to say aloud,  

but need You to hear, as we confess our sins in silence. 


Richard Herman