Opening Prayers/Prayers of Adoration on Hope

Sermon Illustrations on Hope

God—Father, Son and Holy Spirit—You are ever the same  

in Your grace and truth, Your power and love; 

Yet, You always challenge us to grow, change  

and become more like Jesus. 

We’re not yet what we want to be, what we hope to be  

and what we will be –  

but thanks be to You, we’re no longer what we used to be. 

And we thank you for the hope of change— 

for without it, we would shrivel up and die. 

It’s that hope which calls us to pray  

for those who are sick or injured, those challenged physically,  

emotionally, mentally or spiritually – and to ask You  

to heal them, to restore them, to make them whole

Richard Herman

God, our heavenly Father  

and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ:   

We praise and thank you today and always! 

You are worthy of our praise 

simply for who You are:  

You are good and You are strong,  

You are gracious, just and loving. 

As we confront this world that lacks hope,  

a world caught up in war, hunger, poverty and  

spiritual emptiness, 

in Your great mercy You freely give us a new birth  

into the living hope  

through Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. 

There is no darkness so great  

that your light is not greater still. 

There is not conflict so disruptive  

that your peace cannot quell it.  

There is no death so final,  

that your resurrection life  

cannot break its icy grip.  And, … 

There is no thief so sneaky or strong  

that he can steal the inheritance you give  

that can never perish, spoil or fade— 

kept in heaven for us.   

Therefore, we rightly worship You!  

However, we are quick to trust  

our strength more than yours,  

our wisdom more than yours, 

our abilities more than yours,  

our resources more than yours. 

our love more than yours. 

And our misplaced trust in ourselves  

has led us into sin.   

Richard Herman