Opening Prayers/Prayers of Adoration on Grace

Sermon Illustrations on Grace

God of the Impossible – Father, Son and Holy Spirit: 

There’s nothing too hard for you to do, 

Nothing too complex for You to understand, 

No place we go that You’re not there, 

No sin too heinous that You’ll not forgive, 

And no time when You cease to love Your own. 

You amaze us with Your power and creativity; 

You overwhelm us with Your grace and love. 

Thank You! 

Thank You for inviting us to come as we are, not as we aren’t; 

upheld by your compassion and grace 

so we can freely confess to you our sin,  

duplicity and self-absorption. 

In the quiet, Lord, now hear our whispered confessions 

of what we’re too ashamed to say aloud to anyone but You, 

for You know us intimately – and still loves us immensely. 

 Richard Herman

Faithful God, our Father, Lord and Counselor: 

By your grace you know our names before we are even born. 

By your grace you call us your own sons and daughters. 

By your grace you give us an eternal purpose.  And, 

By your grace give us everything necessary to fulfill that calling: 

Your very own self before us, beside us, inside us, with us. 

 You invite us to open our hearts to your love and power; 

And so we do. 

Richard Herman