Opening Prayers/Prayers of Adoration on God’s Word

Opening Prayers/Prayers of Adoration on God's Word

Inspired by John 1

Father God, 

Out of the darkness You spoke the word: 

“Let there be light, and there was light”. 

Into our darkness You spoke Your Son, 

the Word made flesh to live among us 

the Light of the World to bring us life –  

“and we have beheld His, 

the glory of the one and only Son of the Father, 

full of grace and truth.” 

Richard Herman

God of majesty and power,

Who spoke and this world was,

Who breathed and this world lived,

Who counts the hairs upon our head,

Who sees our thoughts and reads our hearts,

Who loves us more than we deserve,

How can we not bring today,

Our sacrifice of praise?

For in the child at Bethlehem

Lies the promise of intimacy

With a Saviour who would die even for me,

And the promise of an eternity

In which to praise you more each day.

God of promise we praise your name, Amen

John Birch, Faith and Worship

Dear heavenly Father, thank you for the calling, privilege, and importance of worshiping together on the Lord’s Day. Because it’s a calling, we dare not dismiss it easily, or take it lightly. Because it’s you we get to meet with, may we come prepared, expectant, and evermore grateful.

According to the Scriptures, our gatherings will become increasingly important, as the Day of Jesus’ return grows closer and closer. Help us to take corporate worship more seriously, and engage more whole-heartedly than ever.

Father, may we, as your beloved children, give you, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit the worship of which you are alone worthy. Feed our minds with your Word; fill our hearts with your grace; empower our worship by your Spirit. May we gather, not as selfish consumers, looking to be pleased; but as true worshipers, longing to be consumed with your glory and grace.

We pray for those who lead us in your worship, and those who bring us your Word. Theirs is a great stewardship and responsibility. May the gospel be powerful in their hearts and fresh on their lips. May they see and savor Jesus, that we might do the same. Free them to honor and glorify you, and empower them to love and serve us.

Father, through our corporate worship, we pray you will be blessed, revealed, and magnified; and that we will be humbled, gladdened and transformed. As we lift Jesus up, we trust you to take us low and draw the nations in. So very Amen we pray, in Jesus’ loving and worship-worthy name.

Scotty Smith, The Gospel Coalition, “A Prayer for Our Corporate Worship”

From the very beginning was

Your Word,

Which spoke this world into being,

Your Word,

Which thunders from the skies,

Your Word,

Which flows like mountain streams,

Your Word,

Which whispers in morning breeze,

Your Word,

Revealed through kings and prophets,

Your Word,

Revealed through Angels’ praise,

Your Word,

Revealed in humble service,

Your Word,

Revealed through a tiny child,

Your Word,

Alive from the beginning of all things,

And to eternity.

John Birch, Faith and Worship

For the joy of your presence

Changing and renewing us

Day by day,

We offer you our praise.

For the blessing you bring us,

The outpouring of your love

Day by day,

We offer you our praise.

For peace beyond understanding,

Blessed assurance

Day by day

We offer you our praise.

For the Word that endures,

Teaches and challenges,

Generation to generation,

We offer you our praise.

John Birch, Faith and Worship

Words and Ways


Your words and ways are






Your words and ways are




Every one


Their value, beyond price

Their goodness, beyond delight

Their counsel, enduring blessing


Place in me a longing

To desire them

Become them

Every one

Words and Ways © 2021 Lisa Ann Moss Degrenia, www.revlisad.com