Opening Prayers/Prayers of Adoration on God’s Presence

Sermon Illustrations on God's Presence

For the joy of your presence

Changing and renewing us

Day by day,

We offer you our praise.

For the blessing you bring us,

The outpouring of your love

Day by day,

We offer you our praise.

For peace beyond understanding,

Blessed assurance

Day by day

We offer you our praise.

For the Word that endures,

Teaches and challenges,

Generation to generation,

We offer you our praise.

John Birch, Faith and Worship

Gracious and faithful God  

– our Creator, Redeemer and Comforter: 

When we don’t know the way – You show us the way; and 

When we can’t find a way – You make a way. 

Thank you!  

Thank you for Your gift of a Savior – 

not a savior who stays distant and aloof,  

but one who enters the warp and woof of our existence 

as Emmanuel – God with us; and 

who then sanctifies every place and time in which we live. 

Richard Herman