Opening Prayers/Prayers of Adoration on Gifts

Sermon Illustrations on Gifts

O Lord our God, you are always more ready to bestow your good gifts on us than we are to seek them, and are willing to give more than we desire or deserve. Help us so to seek that we may truly find, so to ask that we may joyfully receive, so to knock that the door of your mercy may be opened to us; through Jesus Christ our Savior. Amen. 

The Book Of Common Prayer Of The Church Of England, 20th Century

Holy and Gracious God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  

We give you thanks for the gift of life, 

for the gift of Jesus our Savior, 

for the gift of the Holy Spirit, and 

for the gift of this sacrament that nourishes our souls. 

Like a potter at the wheel you created us,  

shaping us in secret in the hidden depths.   

You read our inmost thoughts and desires  

and you keep your hand upon us always,  

reshaping us as seems good to you  

whenever we allow ourselves to become  

misshapen, pressed into the world’s mold. 

Lord, lead us through the trials; 

the suffering and sorrow, 

the challenges and struggles, 

the tired times and dark places. 

And use those experiences to make us  

more like Jesus.  

Richard Herman

Opening Prayer based on 1 Corinthians 12

Holy One, Giver of every good and perfect gift

It is your great grace that offers us salvation

It is grace upon grace that gives us the chance to join you in your saving work

You trust us that much

You empower us that far


Reveal our spiritual gifts

Reveal our calling in this time and place

so we may fulfill it together

so we may fulfill it for the common good

so we may honor you and one another


Holy One, convince us of our value and purpose,

Assure us of our place in your Body and our place in your plan

Use us for your glory, now and forever. Amen.

Opening Prayer based on 1 Corinthians 12 © 2022 Lisa Ann Moss Degrenia, www.revlisad.com

Father – Your love is faithful through all generations 

Jesus – Your grace is extends from eternity into eternity. 

Spirit – Your presence knows no boundary or barrier. 

For that we praise you, Triune Lord: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  

As the Giver of all good gifts – there’s nothing we have or experience that does not come from your hand and without your consent … and all your gifts are good. 

Yet, we’re not such good receivers of your gifts. 

We complain when we don’t get what we want,  

when we want it because we want it; 

And when we do – we ask for more,  

forgetting to say “thank you” and to live gratefully. 

You give us more than we need – and we keep it to ourselves,  

rather than sharing it with others  

… or returning a portion to You in gratitude. 

And that’s just the beginning of where we fall short.   

So in the silence of these moments, hear the prayers we’re too ashamed to say aloud as we confess our sin to you.   (Pause) 

Richard Herman

Father: today we celebrate your gift. 

At creation you gave us the gift of life; 

Through the life, death and resurrection of your Son, Jesus,  

you gave us new life;  

At his ascension, we gained a mediator  

who prays for us every day. 

But today we celebrate another gift:  

the gift of your presence with us all the time and everywhere; 

the gift of your life living in us and through us; 

the gift of Your self in the Holy Spirit come to us – 

to enable us to live the way you call us to live, 

to equip us to serve you as you call us to serve, 

and shape us more and more in to the image of Jesus. 

THANK YOU for the gift of you. 

And may others know the same gift of your Spirit. 

Richard Herman

Generous God our Father – who gives us all good gifts: 

Gifts of life, love and, relationships; 

gifts of work and leisure, effort and rest; 

and, most of all, gifts of Your Son and our salvation, 

your Spirit’s presence and power. 

You do all things well. 

By your love and strength you work  

all things together for the good of those  

who love you and hear you call our names. 

You are good and you are strong. 

You are holy and you are loving. 

However, we’re but a slight reflection of you; 

and sometimes more a shadow than an image of you.  

While your goodness seeks to bless others— 

ours is on a constant quest to bless ourselves. 

While your strength strives to create life and hope— 

ours is, too often, the source of destruction to both. 

We are neither holy nor loving— 

except in that we wholly love ourselves  

rather than wholly loving you and others.  

Forgive us for what in us obscures your image  

rather than displays it so that all can know you through us. 

Forgive also what we now confess quietly in the silence,  

too embarrassed to confess them aloud before one another. 

(Silence)   … AMEN. 

Richard Herman