Opening Prayers/Prayers of Adoration on Food

Sermon Illustrations on Food

Creator of heaven and earth, you have studded the sky with stars and made it bright with lights, enriched the earth with fruits to satisfy our needs, given to humankind the clear light and the shining stars to enjoy, the earth’s produce to feed on. 

We pray you, send us rain, abundant, plentiful, fertilizing; and make the earth yield fruit and to spare; for we know how you love us, we know your kindness. Hear our petitions and prayers and bless the whole earth, through Jesus Christ. May glory and power be yours, in the Holy Spirit, now and age after age. Amen.              

Serapin of Thumis, c.339

Praise to God, immortal praise.

For the love that crowns our days;

Bounteous Source of every joy.

Let your praise our tongues employ.

All to you, our God, we owe,

Source whence all our blessings flow.

As your prospering hand has blessed,

May we give you of our best

And by deeds of kindly love

For your mercies grateful prove,

Singing thus through all our days

Praise to God, immortal praise. Amen.

Anna L. Barbauld, Adapted