Prayers of the People/Intercession on Evil

Image of a dragon representing evil

Eternal God, to whom the hidden is as clearly known as the visible: before you your people bow their heads, to you they submit their hard hearts and unruly bodies. Send down blessing from your glorious dwelling on these men and women, lend them a ready ear and answer their prayers. Set them up firmly with your strong hand and protect them against all evil passions. Preserve their bodies and souls, increase their faith and fear and increase ours, through your only Son. Through him and with him and with the Spirit may glory and power be yours, now and always and forever. Amen.

Hippolytus of Rome, Quoted in Walter Mitchell, Trns, Early Christian Prayers, ed., A. Ham­man, Longman Green, London, and Henry Regnery, Chicago, 1961.

Save My Soul, Good Gardener based on the Parable of the Sower


Save my soul, Good Gardener

Evil flies in wanting to steal my hope

Work piles up,

insecure boulders ready to crash,

leaving no room to root

My faith begins to wither as does our relationship

Distractions grow, choking my gratitude

my perspective

my spirit

Guard me

Guide me

Deliver me

Clear the land

Weed then seed

Nourish the soil of my soul

I long to blossom and bring forth your fruit, a hundredfold

Save My Soul, Good Gardener © 2017 Lisa Ann Moss Degrenia,