Opening Prayers/Prayers of Adoration on Easter

RCL Year B: Third Sunday of Easter: Psalm 4

Jesus – You rose before we did today.  You met us at the door to lift burdens, sins and hurts from our shoulders and replace them with Your strength, forgiveness and healing. 

The word seems so small compared to what we feel:  Thank You. 

Thank You for loving us – each of us – enough to suffer the cross and all the humiliation that came with it. 

Thank You for seeking us out as The Good Shepherd going after His lost and confused sheep; and for calling us each by name, then taking us home. 

Thank you for trading us Your new life for our old one, for making of each of us a new creation, that in You the old is gone and the new is come! 

Thank You for caring about all of life – that You rose bodily to demonstrate Your Lordship over our bodies as well as our souls. So, at Your invitation, we can turn to You with all our worries, for all our needs. 

Risen Lord – impart comfort and hope to those who feel acutely the separation from a loved one who sat with them in worship last Easter.  May the hope in Your resurrection bring them peace and strength. 

Richard Herman

(Prayer of Adoration)

Thine is the glory – risen conquering Son 

Endless is the victory, Thou over death have won. 

Jesus – You are amazing!   You are wonderful! 

What we couldn’t do – You’ve done: 

Breaking bonds of fear, sin, guilt and death 

which kept us imprisoned for so long. 

We’re free – and You’re our Liberator. 

We’re beloved – and You’re our Lover. 

We’re joyful – and You’re our Laughter and Joy. 

That’s why we love You.  That’s why we praise You. 

That’s why we need You every day.  After all … 

(Prayer of Confession)

We aren’t very good at living like Your forgiven and free people. 

Having received grace –  

we’re still reluctant to give grace to others. 

Having been forgiven – we still find it hard to forgive. 

Having been loved just as we are –  

we still struggle to love others as they are,  

not as we want them to be. 

Forgive us, Lord,  

we don’t live much like Your resurrection people. 

In small ways and big ways,  

we hold onto our old lives and nurse our old ways; 

particular ways and personal ways,  

like those we now confess to you in the quiet  

of Your presence in this place of worship:  (Silence) 

Richard Herman