Opening Prayers/Prayers of Adoration on Calling

Sermon Illustrations on Calling


The first act of calling is by your command in your Word,

‘Come to me, return to me’;

The second is to let in light,

so that I see that I am called particularly,

and perceive the sweetness of the command as well as its truth,

in regard to your great love of the sinner,

by inviting him to come, though contemptible,

in regard to the end of the command,

which is fellowship with you,

in regard to your promise in the gospel,

which is all of grace.

Therefore, Lord,

I don’t need to worry if I am your elect, or loved,

for if I turn you will come to me;

Christ has promised me fellowship if I take him,

and the Spirit will pour himself out on me,

abolishing sin and punishment,

assuring me of the strength to persevere.

It is your pleasure to help all that pray for grace,

and come to you for it.

Taken from An Excerpt of “Christian Calling” in The Valley of Vision: A Collection of Puritan Prayers & Devotions, ed. Arthur Bennett (Carlisle, PA: Banner of Truth, 1975). Language modernized for corporate worship by Stuart Strachan Jr.

Faithful God, our Father, Lord and Counselor:

By your grace you know our names before we are even born.

By your grace you call us your own sons and daughters.

By your grace you give us an eternal purpose.  And,

By your grace give us everything necessary to fulfill that calling:

Your very own self before us, beside us, inside us, with us.

You invite us to open our hearts to your love and power;

And so we do.

Richard Herman

(Prayer of Adoration)

Father God … our Abba:

You seek us with relentless love – coming after us in Your Son, Jesus.

When we are in the pits – You draws us up and out;

When we are broken – You fix us.

When we are lost – You find us.

When we are confused about who we are –

You call us by name and calls us Your own.

With hearts stilled and filled with Your love:

We bring our thanks and praise to You today.

(Prayer of Confession)

Yet – how often we forget who we are as Your children.

We live like we are not Yours but someone else’s;

Like we are not created in Your image,

redeemed by the blood of Your Son,

indwelt by Your very self in the Holy Spirit.

Forgive our wandering hearts, our lusty spirits,

Our self-centered attitudes and selfish actions.

Richard Herman