Opening Prayers/Prayers of Adoration for Labor Day

Prayers of Invocation for Labor Day

VOICE ONE: Almighty God, Maker of Heaven and Earth, you declared your work good and so do we. Empower us to continue your good work through the labor of our minds and hands.

VOICE TWO: This Labor Day Weekend, pour out again your blessing and strength on all who work. On those who make it possible for us to have food on our tables:

Farm workers, truckers, grocers, cooks, and restaurant employees

ALL: Bless and strengthen, O Lord

VOICE ONE: On those who work to keep us healthy:

Doctors, nurses, technicians, researchers, and medical manufacturers

ALL: Bless and strengthen, O Lord

VOICE TWO: On those who inspire us and lead us to greater good:

Inventors, explorers, religious leaders, teachers, writers, artists, and mentors

ALL: Bless and strengthen, O Lord

VOICE ONE: On those who facilitate needed products and services:

Office workers, managers, and administrators

Retail workers, bankers, lawyers, politicians, and accountants

ALL: Bless and strengthen, O Lord

VOICE TWO: On those who make our lives easier and safer by the sweat of their brow:

Warehouse workers, construction workers, janitors, and sanitation workers

Police officers, fire fighters, and those who serve in the armed forces

ALL: Bless and strengthen, O Lord

VOICE ONE: On those who work with the poor, the abused,

the dangerous and the dying

Social workers, counselors, and therapists

Hospice workers and corrections officers

Those who work in shelters, soup kitchens, and halfway houses

ALL: Bless and strengthen, O Lord

VOICE TWO: Gracious God, help all workers, especially those in authority over other workers, to carry themselves with honor and integrity. Keep them safe from harm, prejudice, and injustice. Provide the opportunities, benefits, and pay needed to sustain them and their loved ones.

Those who are looking for employment are invited to stand. Persons may also stand on behalf of a friend or loved one who is looking for employment. Those seated around them lay a hand of blessing and support on them for the remainder of the prayer.

VOICE ONE: Strong and Merciful One, we also commend to your blessing and care those who are unemployed or underemployed. Guard them against discouragement and discrimination. Relieve them of worry and anxiety. Meet their needs for hearth and home and health. Come quickly with a fulfilling job with a trustworthy employer.

VOICE TWO: God of Life, deliver us and all people from greed, corruption, and predatory business practices. Open eyes to sustainable and just solutions so workers of all nations will mutually prosper. Lead us as we work, so nothing we do is for self alone, but for the common good and for your glory.

VOICE ONE: We ask all this in the strong name of Jesus, the Carpenter of Nazareth, the Rabbi of Galilee, who taught us to pray

Close with all praying the Lord’s Prayer

Lisa Degrenia

O Living Christ, carpenter of Nazareth, stand among us now. We come to your from our struggle with the world. We would hear you say as you did in your Word: Come to me, all you that labor and are heavy-laden, and I will give you rest. For you have made us for yourself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in thee. 

By the memory of the common life you did live in the home of Joseph and Mary, hallow our family life. By your tender voice as the Good Shepherd of our souls, call us yet again to that nobler life we have so often forsaken. By those strong hands which labored at the bench and which were pierced for our transgressions, forgive our sins. By the certain assurance of your resurrection, renew in us the undying hope that your kingdom shall come, on earth as it is in heaven. 

O Christ, hear our prayers of intercession for all sorts and conditions of people by whose labor we are blessed. Relieve those for whom overwork has robbed life of its joy. Grant refreshment of spirit to those who by mental tasks add to life’s meaning. May those made idle by necessity not feel unwanted, but grant them a sense of being needed in your divine economy and ordering of life. May all leisure time be used in ways you can commend, and all work be honest as to the Lord. 

O God, our Father, may we not expect an end to all work-life problems, but may we work for the end of strife, and discord, and unfair advantage. May there be a holy sense in the hearts of those who name you Lord when they sit at the conference table, or organize for power, or do their daily work in office, field, or factory. 

For whatever else we are, O God, we are your, and we belong to one another because we belong to you. 

We remember the word of your prophet: Let justice roll down like water, and righteousness as a mighty stream. We would pray with the Psalmist: Establish the work of our hands upon us, the work of our hands you establish it. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 

Joseph E. McCabe, Service Book for Ministers, McGraw Hill Book Company, Inc, 1961. Language Modernized by Stuart Strachan Jr.