A few weeks ago, our family celebrated a very special occasion: my mom’s remarriage after being widowed several years ago when my father died of a rare disease. The ceremony was Catholic, and I found myself deeply encouraged by the priest’s wedding homily (or sermon, as I and my fellow Protestants tend to call it).

It was a simple message, but one that each of us can take to heart: it is in Christ that our marriages will experience the greatest degree of flourishing. When we allow the Holy Spirit to guide our marriages, we will experience the most fruit.

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It’s wedding season right now. For those of you who still have a marriage or two to perform this summer, perhaps this is a simple, yet essential message to communicate: It is only in Christ that we can experience the deepest intimacy, the greatest companionship, and the most amazing love that God has endowed us to experience. This is true in the sacred bond of marriage, or in any life station to which God calls us.

God bless,


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