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If you are interested in a monthly plan, creating a church-wide subscription, please contact us directly at [email protected]

Got Questions?

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What is the Pastor's Workshop?

The Pastor’s Workshop is a website dedicated to providing worship resources online. The three major categories on the site are sermon quotes, illustrations, and liturgy. Each of these categories is organized topically, with a robust search engine also available to find what you are looking for. 

What is a premium subscription to the Pastor's Workshop?

The Pastor’s Workshop (TPW) is set up so that anyone visiting the site has access (5 page views per month) to the material. If you desire to access more content, or simply want to support the ongoing work of TPW, subscribing to the site will give you unlimited access to the entire site.

I am a rural pastor, inner-city pastor, church planter, and cannot afford 19.99 a month? Do you have scholarships available?

Scholarships are indeed available for ministry leaders who need access at a discounted rate. Email [email protected] to find out more about the different programs available.

What exactly am I paying for with my premium subscription?

When you subscribe to The Pastor’s Workshop, you are not paying for the content per se, but for the curation of the content. The Pastor’s Workshop has worked diligently to follow fair use policies with respect to the copyright of original works. The Pastor’s Workshop, on occasion, has also paid fees for the right to reproduce content from original works. The curation of this content, which includes thousands of unique illustrations, quotes, and liturgical materials, is what you are paying for. In a sense, The Pastor’s Workshop acts as your personal worhsip researcher, bringing together resources from all over the world to assist you in your worship preparation.

How much does it cost? Are there hidden fees?

The cost is $19.99 per month or $200 per year, taxes not included. Once you sign up, your account is set for automatic renewal each month or year unless you manually unsubscribe. No other fees will be charged, ever! For billing questions, contact [email protected]


How does billing work?

Everyone who signs up for a premium subscription will receive a 7-day trial, after which you will be charged either your monthly or yearly fee. If you should cancel your monthly fee, you will receive access through the end of the billing cycle in which you cancel service. The same applies to a yearly account, access will remain until you have reached the end of your year. The charge will show on account statements as either “The Pastor’s Workshop” if you subscribe using Stripe or “New Horizons Foundation” if you subscribe using PayPal. For billing questions, email [email protected]

What should I do if I want to upgrade from a monthly account to a yearly account?

The easiest thing to do in this situation is to cancel your monthly account and begin your yearly account in the next billing cycle.

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