The economy has probably been on a lot of people’s minds lately as the COVID pandemic and rapid inflation continue to grab headlines and dampen enthusiasm in the markets. Many folks are worried about their retirement accounts or their ability to simply keep up with the cost of living as they watch the cost of everyday items go up and up.

For a variety of reasons, perhaps none greater than “we’re uncomfortable talking about money,” economics has rarely been an area of concern among pastors in their preaching.

Ken Costa, in his 2016 book, God at Work, puts it this way:

There is a widespread view that God and business simply don’t mix: the competitive, cutthroat demands of the marketplace are seen as the obvious enemy of Christian compassion and love. But I have found that the God who created and sustains the world is also the God of the workplace. If the Christian faith is not relevant in the workplace, it is not relevant at all (emphasis mine).

Thankfully, a number of scholars and practitioners have been working hard to change this, including folks like Tom Nelson, whose illustration you will find below. The reality is, economics have a massive influence on our daily lives, and the church should bring a balanced, informed perspective as a counterweight to what the world has to offer. I pray these resources are at least a reminder to the importance of economics for all of us, whatever our theological or political bent might be.


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