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What if your days of scouring the internet for worship inspiration was over?

What if there was one place you could find that inspiring story, that beautiful prayer, that heart-pounding quote that brings the gospel to life in your context? 

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Our Story

Welcome to the Pastor’s Workshop

It all started with a simple question:

In this digital age, why is it so difficult to find great worship resources?

Shouldn’t there be an online resource I can quickly and reliably go to to find:

  • Inspiring Illustrations for my Sermons
  • Quotes, Curated specifically for Sermons
  • Liturgy, organized topically, for my Worship Services.

From this simple question, the Pastor’s Workshop was formed. 

But why choose us when there are so many different options?

Curation is the key

What Makes Us Different?

We know there are millions of websites out there, but we also know what is going to separate the best from the average is curation. Who can bring together the best illustrations, quotations, and prayers to help pastors lead great worship services.

Our Library of Resources

Curation by pastors for pastors

Sermon Illustration Pages

Sermon Quote Pages

Liturgy Pages

Lectionary Guides

total pages of content


A collection of powerful stories and up-to-date research to enhance your sermon


Find that perfect quote to bolster a sermon, blog post, etc.


Easy to copy liturgy organized by topic to fit perfectly into your weekly worship services


An introduction to the text with preaching angles alongside our sermon and liturgical resources.


Thoughtful and practical articles on a wide variety of subjects all ministry leaders face

new materials added each week

We recognize that if the Pastor’s Workshop is going to be your go-to resource, the library must constantly be expanding. For a site like this to be effective, it must be able to meet the urgent questions being asked and events happening in our world.

As a non-profit organization, our goal will always be to stay relevant by investing in ongoing content curation.

To that end, we are constantly adding new material to the site. Highlights of new material and/or seasonal materials are included in our weekly e-resource. 

About the Site Developer & Curator

Stuart Strachan Jr. is an ordained Presbyterian Pastor. His primary passion is equipping the saints for the ministry of the church (Eph. 4). He loves preaching, teaching, and helping churches cast vision for what it means to follow Jesus in the 21st Century. He has served churches in a variety of capacities in California, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Washington.

Stu is married to Colleen, who currently serves as a spiritual formation lead at Compassion International in Colorado Springs. Stu and Colleen have two children (Jack and Emma) whom they love deeply.

In his free time, Stu enjoys gardening, golf, reading a good book, and watching baseball.

If you would like to get a hold of Stu, just email him at He’d love to hear from you!


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