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Lectionary Resources

The Pastor’s Workshop has created a worship resource focused on the Revised Common Lectionary, starting with Year B. Resources will include a summary of the text, as well as curation of content from the TPW library.

    Revised Common Lectionary Year B

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    Bullied By Christian Leaders

    Bullied By Christian Leaders

    Have you ever been bullied by a group? Or felt ganged up on? Maybe it wasn’t intended by them, but you felt abused? I have. So have some of the pastors and influencers we help. So has Jesus… Lord Jesus, I see you on your cross journey. A whole gang of soldiers is...

    Following Jesus With Joy, Like St. Francis

    Following Jesus With Joy, Like St. Francis

    It seems everybody loves Saint Francis. But few really know him. We like our garden statues of a somber man holding a bird, but this is not the real Francis of Assisi from the 12th Century. Instead, picture an energetic and jovial little man, known in his day as...

    As a solo pastor of a busy parish church (and a PhD candidate) in Scotland, my time for sermon prep is often limited to a few precious hours a week, sometimes even less. Even though we live in an age of voluminous online resources, very few of them offer anything more than a mile-wide and inch-deep approach to the tasks of preaching and Christian discipleship.

    Anyone who utilizes this resource will find a wealth of spiritual treasures for the taking, and therefore I warmly commend The Pastor’s Workshop to everyone who has an interest in preaching God’s Word in a faithful and effective manner. 

    Joshua M. Mikelson

    Pastor, Kemnay Parish Church, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

    I have found The Pastor’s Workshop to be an incredible resource for getting my creative juices flowing, especially in those moments (which we all have) when we seem stuck and inspiration is non-existent.  Thanks Stu for all your work on this remarkable site!

    Jerry Deck

    Lead Pastor, Zionsville Presbyterian Church

    I love preaching and putting together worship services, but we all have those moments when we simply do not have the mental energy or time to do it on our own. In those moments I now turn to thepastorsworkshop.com. What a Godsend.

    There are dozens of pithy, theologically helpful sermon illustrations as well as those great quotes you half remember but can’t quite put your finger on when you need them. This is not just sermon filler; it’s sermon power.

    Heather Ghormley

    Rector and Founding Pastor, Tree of Life Anglican Church, Mishawaka, Indiana

    Even for a stodgy Anglican with a Book of Common Prayer that serves-up-the-script for our worship services, I still benefit greatly from thepastorsworkshop.com.  This site presents intriguing and non-cliched quotes and stories that deepen the homiletical craft, and all those non-Anglicans out there can find biblically and theologically grounded liturgical helps that will deepen worship.

    Ethan Magness

    Rector and Founding Pastor, Grace Anglican Church, Grove City, Pennslylvania

    Go Deeper!

    Stu and the Pastors’ Workshop have created an online course for Fuller Seminary’s Equip platform. The course is called Storytelling and the Preacher and includes teaching on Jesus’ parables, neuroscience, and much more.

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