Sermon Illustrations & Quotes

I’ve heard it argued that taking sermon illustrations from a book or an internet site is a terrible idea. I disagree. Of course you have to take any illustration and “make it your own” to some extent, otherwise it will come across as wooden. And a well-placed quote can significantly enhance the quality of your sermon by bringing in an outside voice. The question is, where can you find a site for pastors that blocks out “cheesy” illustrations and quotes and, instead, provides a curated list of high quality illustrations and quotes that will fit well in a sermon in the 21st century? That is the hope here at The Pastor’s Workshop. The illustration section is organized by topic and the quotes are organized by author and topic so you can easily find something to use in your next sermon. Lastly, if you have any sermon illustrations or quotes that you’d like to share, please consider dropping us a line¬† on the contact page and I’ll be happy to review it for publication.

-The Pastor’s Workshop