Prayers of the People/Intercession on Salvation

Sermon Illustrations on Salvation

Lord – You are good …and Your goodness knows no bounds. When we were lost, You sought us out, found us and brought us home. When we were alone, You came near to us, and You gave us a new circle of friends and family. Each breath we take, each sunrise we see, each heartbeat we feel and each song we sing or hear – all are gifts from You.

So, we THANK You for Your grace and faithfulness. Trusting in that grace and faithfulness: We come boldly and freely to You carrying those we care about to You and lifting our own needs before You. 

You hold the world in the palm of Your hand: So, we ask for your comfort and we pray for your justice and righteousness to prevail.We are a violent people and we live in a violent world – whether it’s seen in an epidemic of domestic violence or abuse; whether it’s seen on the streets of our cities or in our school yards, or even in our games and sports!  

Lord: teach us Your ways, help us to walk the paths of reconciliation and peace, of truth and justice. We pray for those in need of Your healing grace … We ask you to comfort the grieving with Your peace in the gospel of Your resurrection love. We pray for families, who gather this week to laugh, remember, sometimes to weep and to share in saying “Thank You, Lord” for how blessed we are! 

Yet, there are families stretched to the limit – emotionally, fiscally, relationally, spiritually.  Give each one in those families the grace to admit needs, to ask forgiveness, to seek ways to change and to grow together in You. 

Finally, we pray for the hearts of all of us in this room. Where there is confusion – show the way. Where there is fear – replace it with peace. Where there is discouragement or even depression – encourage and restore hope. Where there is emptiness – fill it with Your own presence that can fully satisfy the longings and quench the thirsty soul. We look to You, today, Lord, saying, “Thank you, Jesus.” And it’s in Your name we pray … AMEN.

Richard Herman

Lord–Creator, Savior and Sustainer: 

You called our names and we answered. 

When we were lost–You found us. 

When we were sick–You healed us. 

When we were blind–You opened our eyes. 

When we were dead in our sin–You died to give us life. 

Knowing we are dependent on You for our salvation, for our life, in all our relationships, wherever and whenever we may be we turn to You today asking that, in your mercy, you hear our prayers and answer them. 

You died and rose for our healing: so we pray for those who are sick, injured, or impaired in body, mind, emotion or soul. Restore them by the touch of your hand. You died and rose to give us life in the face of death: so we ask that you comfort those who mourn, and take to yourself those who died believing in You. 

You died to unite various peoples together in Your church: so we pray for your church: whether here, near or on the far side of the sea. Give us all sufficient faith and courage to boldly live and declare Your gospel.Pour out Your Spirit and bring fresh power and new life to this church and to all our people. 

You died for the world: so we pray for nations in turmoil–strengthen your followers in those lands and bring peace in place of warfare. We also pray for our own nation: for our elected leaders–that you give them wisdom according to your Word, moral convictions, the courage to follow in Your way, and the will to lead us there. Even now, we pray for your leading in the coming elections: save us from self-interest and pettiness; strengthen our commitment to justice, truth and grace.

This we pray in Jesus’ name. Amen. 

Richard Herman

God of grace, abundance, and joy, who pours out your love on us every day: When we had no hope–You came as a light in our dark time. When we were weak–You came in power to lift us up. When we were lost–You showed us the way. 

When we were confused–You told us the truth when others lied to us. When we were alone–You came to give us life, and life abundantly. Thank you! Because of Your faithfulness in our yesterdays, we place our tomorrows in Your good hand. For those who are sick–we pray for you to heal them. 

For those who grieve–we ask you to comfort them. For families divided, marriages stressed and disintegrating, even churches coming apart–we pray to you as Mediator asking that you heal broken relationships, reconcile the estranged. Enable humility and forgiveness to replace pride and anger. 

For our nation–come as Lord of lords and King of kings who holds the world’s nations in Your palm: heal our land. Forgive our pride–which thinks we always know what’s best. Guide our nation’s leaders in your ways of truth and holiness, justice and grace; and give us the courage to follow in them. 

For young men and women far from home this Thanksgiving week, serving in harm’s way for our nation and our world–protect them, encourage them and sustain them by your strength when their strength waivers. For those doing the work of missionaries–in Central America, Kenya, Egypt and India, in our nation’s cities, prisons, college and high school campuses, and seminaries–nurture the gospel they share, that it may take root and change lives; and keep them faithful to your calling. 

For this church–lead us in your Ways; and where you lead us, sustain us and provide for us, so that we can hold out your Word of truth as light for dark days, as water for dry souls and bread for hungry hearts. And, thank you for the fellowship of new brothers and sisters who join with.This is our prayer, which we pray in the name of Jesus, your Son, our Lord. Amen.

Richard Herman