Prayers of Confession on Self-Preservation


Almighty God, we, too often, live in fear. Fear drives our self-preservation, our self-centered decisions, and prevents us from comprehending the wonder of your presence among us. Like Peter, we would desire to build a box in which to adore you in a way that assuages our fear, increases our control, and defines our comprehension of who we think you are. The metamorphosis on the Mt. of Transfiguration is too terrifying for us. While we repose amazed at the immanence of the incarnation in the birth of God, we are repelled by the transcendent, mind-altering glory of the transfiguration.

Forgive us for the way in which we limit our understanding and allegiance to you by our fear of your glorious preeminence. We prefer a tamed god rather than one whose Shekinah comes with pillars of fire by night and clouds by day, of a brother who walks with us with dirty feet and soiled clothes rather than one whose garments brilliantly gleam with the radiance of the Father God. Today, may we live in freedom to follow this glorious God-Man whose radiance shines amidst the gloom and darkness of sin, immanent and transcendent in life, death, and resurrection. Amen.  

Scott Bullock  

Heavenly Father, You have gone to great lengths to redeem us by Your Son Jesus Christ. You invite us into a life of hope, joy, and freedom. And yet, we forget, Lord, that You have sanctified us for greater things. We confess that we abandon You when our comfort is threatened. We admit that we get consumed with serving ourselves and our own interests. Have mercy on us. Father, cause us to turn our gaze squarely back on You. Forgive us and open our eyes and ears to a greater awareness of You, and to the adventure of living for Your glory each and every day. We pray this humbly in Christ’s Name. Amen.

Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church