Prayers of Confession on Mission


You are the God who sends; the Father sent the Son, the Father and Son sent the Spirit, and the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit us, the church. We are sorry for the times when you’ve sent us and we have not obeyed.  Please give us the courage to follow your commands as we silently confess our sins to you now.… 

Submitted by Austin D. Hill

Almighty and gracious God, Your love is everlasting and filled with patience. In our sinfulness, we run away, yet You seek after us. We make foolish choices in spite of the fact that You teach us a better way. We hurt You and others, and, instead of hurting us back, You forgive us. Our pride often gets in the way of our efforts to reveal Your glory and goodness. We try to bear the imprint of Christ throughout the world, yet we often do just the opposite and fail to be the people You’ve called us to be in Your Word. Forgive the sin in our lives and grant us hearts to follow the example that You gave us in Your Son, Jesus. In His precious Name we pray. Amen.

Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church

Gracious God, we admit that though You have sent each of us out with the task of raising disciples, we often neglect that task. We remain content, stagnant, in our Christian calling, while we regularly meet people who need You. Renew our zeal for showing others Your love as we silently confess our sins to You now… 

Submitted by Austin D. Hill

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