Prayers of Confession on Evil

Adapted from Psalm 10 & Romans 7:21-25

Arise, 0 LORD; 0 God, lift up your hand.

Forget not the afflicted.

We call to you in our sorrow and frustration,

Lord God, eternal, everlasting God.

Why do you stand so far off?

Why do you hide yourself in times of trouble?

You are our God, even if we have ignored you!

Arise, O Lord; O God, we cry to you.

It looks like evil is winning out.

Even in our own lives sin keeps winning the battles.

“So I find it to be a law, that when I want to do right,

Evil lies close at hand…making me captive to sin

…wretched man that I am.” Romans 7:21-25

Have mercy on us, O God,

For we are sinners, captives to sin, enslaved by sin!

Hughes Oliphant Old. Leading in Prayer: A Workbook for Ministers (Kindle Locations 958-960).

Almighty and Merciful God, the Fountain of all goodness, who knows the thoughts of our hearts, we confess to you that we have sinned against you, and done evil in your sight. Wash us, we pray, from the stains of our past sins, and give us grace and power to put away all hurtful things; so that, being delivered from the bondage of sin, we may bring forth the worthy fruit of repentance.

O Eternal Light, shine into our hearts. O Eternal Goodness, deliver us from evil. O Eternal Power, be our support. Grant that with all our hearts, and minds, and strength, we may ever more seek your face. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. 

Albinus Flaccus Alcuinus, Language Modernized by Stuart Strachan Jr.

lmighty God, you love us, but we do not love you fully. You call, but we do not always listen. We often walk away from neighbors in need, wrapped in our own concerns. We often condone evil, hatred, warfare, and greed. God of grace, help us to admit our sin, so that as you move toward us in mercy, we may repent, turn to you, and receive forgiveness; through Jesus Christ our Redeemer. Amen.

Adapted from “Weaknesses” in The Valley of Vision

Pastor: O Spirit of God, help my infirmities. When I am pressed down because of my sin, perplexed and not knowing what to do, help me.

All: When you see that I desire evil things, delighting in sinful actions, longing for things that grieve your heart, then grant me the kiss of your forgiveness, and teach my feet to walk in the way of your commandments.

Pastor: Deliver me from these worries and make me a joyful, holy person. Help me to walk a holy life with firm and brave step, and to wrestle successfully against my weaknesses.

All: Teach me to praise, adore, and magnify your name. Give me power to live as your child. Lead me on the road to your eternal kingdom, whether the road be rough or smooth.

*Silent Confession


Submitted by Dustin Ray